We are a Cambridge based company commercialising a patented technology created through a collaboration between microfluidic groups at Imperial College London and the University of Cambridge.

We have developed a droplets-on-demand sampler that allows the creation of microfluidic droplet sequences from up to 24 samples.

Last updated on 15 September 2013

Drop-Tech Ltd is registered company No 7247500

Our sampler can be used as an add-on for chip-based experiments to allow input of various samples in a specific user-defined sequence:

  1. BulletAutomated chip-less droplet generation

  2. BulletEasy interfacing with microfluidic chips

  3. BulletControlled size, spacing and sequence

  4. BulletContinuous screening of multiple samples

  5. BulletSynergistic and combinatorial screening

Conventional microfluidic droplet generation, using flow-focusing devices (image above), requires technical microfluidic knowledge and is limited to high-volume droplet generation from a single sample.


Our droplets-on-demand sampler enables full control of content, repeats and spacing of droplets.